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Birthdate:Oct 31
I am 33, a writer, a computer repair tech, and atheist (I only hesitate to call myself a skeptic because I don't think I'm particularly good at it--I wish I were). This journal is for talking about science, skepticism, and (on the other hand) creative works and fantasy writing. It is also a "vent" journal that may get opinionated at times. I will use it to talk about things such as my atheism, which would be a problematic subject for my usual online persona, science, which is boring subject matter to a lot of people, and to whine and complain about things that are upsetting me without being too public about it. I will also use it to comment on the journals of my friends who use DW.


- I may voice feelings that you do not like. However, being offensive is not the purpose of this account and I will not post journals meant to attack specific people. Please keep in mind that as a result, I may use generalizations, and if you fall into a category of people I am griping about, but you do not do the things I am complaining that group does, you can be assured I am not talking about you and that I fully recognize there are many exceptions to my personal experience with various communities.

For instance, if I say "feminists annoy me because they insist everyone who says 'rape' in a joke is joking about rape and will not accept a heartfelt apology without demanding a promise to never say that joke again," but you are a feminist who does not think "raped to sleep by dickwolves" (Google it) is a rape joke, then no problem! I am not talking about you, and there's no need to get defensive. If you think that I am a rape apologist because I disagree that dickwolves (or anything like it) is a rape joke, or if you think I must be talking about everyone in a group just because I didn't say SOME [feminists, Christians, Libertarians], then you probably don't want to read my journal because I will probably use the word rape in a joke that is not about rape and I will forget to use "some" on occasion when generalizing about groups of people.

- I am atheist and I will talk about atheism in this journal as if it's no big thing. Because it isn't. That I even have to bring it up and talk about it irritates me, but sometimes I am condescended to or insulted or attacked by religious people, and when I am, I usually bitch about it. I may occasionally whine about religious fanatics without provocation, but keep in mind it is fanaticism and blind faith that bothers me, not deism itself. If you are offended by the very existence of atheism and think that being a non-believer means that I hate you and your god-I-don't-believe-in-anyway, or you feel the need to save my eternal soul, please exit stage right. I have no problem with spirituality, even though I am not religious. I do have a problem with reactionary idiots who have no sense of humor.

- I love science! Science is cool. I don't think science threatens spirituality. I do however think science comes up with way more interesting concrete answers to many of life's questions than any god ever did. I especially love neuroscience, astronomy, computer tech and biology.

- I am a closet transhumanist.

- I love cats. I have five of them.

- I also love philosophy! Philosophy doesn't really explain life's mysteries, but it's how we make sense of the experiences our limited senses provide us. Only science can explain to us what is, but philosophy helps us figure out what to do with that information and how to view it in a way we can be happy with it. I like talking about my philosophies and I also like hearing other people's philosophies.

- I am a writer. I won't often post my writing here. I have another journal for that, but on the rare occasion I complete and polish a piece I'm really happy with, it might be x-posted here. I write varying degrees of dark/adventure/epic/horror/fantasy fiction--all of it set in the same universe! Well, I also write fanfiction on occasion, but not very frequently, anymore. In any case, if you really want to see more stuff written by me, message me and I will direct you to the appropriate journal.

- I am currently jobless and my life is full of stress and suck at the present moment. I may do a lot of venting about feeeeeeelings here as a result. Don't worry about me too much; by the time I'm done writing a bitchy journal, I usually feel a lot better.

- If you subscribe and give me access, I cannot promise I will subscribe/give access back! Please do not be offended if I don't. I usually only give access to people I know pretty well already. You can still read and comment on my public journals, and if I get to know you well enough, I might eventually add you anyway.

- Please please please, adhere to Wheaton's Law. (Google it.) This is a personal journal where I will talk about whatever I want and have whatever opinions I want, and if you make me have to expend energy arguing with you over things every other post, I will not show the same patience as I do in my other journal. I wear my banhammer on my hip in this journal.

- I am socially liberal! But I am not a communist! I am as close to Socialist Libertarian as you can get without spacetime exploding due to sheer oxymoronic disturbance. Which is to say Libertarians and Socialists both annoy the fuck out of me. I don't like nosy, corrupt governments. I don't like private businesses so rich and huge they can pay their way through any crime. I think Marxism is a delusional fantasy and the free market is a demonstrable and absolute failure. I am for social justice AND economic stability. I am for freedom of speech AND privacy rights. I am for personal responsibility AND unemployment benefits. I am for healthy industry innovation AND universal healthcare. I see absolutely no conflict between these ideals and I have no problem with the idea of destroying part of the system and suffering wide-spread, short-term damage in order to restructure to better accommodate those ideals. I am an old-world capitalist who thinks people, not money should run governments and that a healthy economy cannot exist in any sustainable form without the active participation of that government in the fulfillment of basic human needs and community infrastructure. If any of the above is unacceptable to you, that's okay! You don't have to agree with it, but please don't fight with me about it in this journal, and be prepared to hear me talk about these opinions.

- I like friendly comments! I do not like arguments. I will discuss and debate and am perfectly fine with disagreeing, but if you feel the need to resort to ad hominem (calling me a rape apologist, for example), I probably won't bother responding to you.

- Finally, and this is VERY IMPORTANT: That doesn't mean I'm not open to criticism, but criticism and douchebaggery are two different things. Here is a quick primer on acceptable behavior when disagreeing:

Object, but don't accuse--If you think I might be saying something that is just so wrong, you can't not say something, please make sure you clarify with me that I am actually saying what you think I'm saying. Miscommunication happens a lot, especially when one or both people are stressed out and may not have chosen their words with perfect accuracy! It is beneficial to confirm that what you're understanding is actually what is being said. A simple "wait, it sounds like you are saying [this]. Are you?" will do just fine. You have no idea how many conflicts this simple question can prevent.

If my response confirms that I am saying that thing you think is wrong, propose your alternative. For example, "I see that you are saying this, but what about [insert your point of view here]?" This is a very effective, thought-provoking method to discussing different opinions that challenges the original poster to back up or reconsider their idea without being judgmental or confrontational.

This is basic basic basic social skills 101, and I expect readers to be familiar with and willing to observe it. I really should not have to even explain this, but there are so many people on the Internet who are absolutely incapable of grasping it, I feel that it's necessary.

So! If all that is okay with you, and you actually think I'm interesting enough to subscribe to, then by all means, do so. I hope I can say something useful enough that you'll enjoy reading it (or if not, can at least tolerate it).

Thank you for reading this and have a good day!
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